West Road Park Project updates

21 09 2012

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5th November

The Woodland Trust Community Tree Pack arrived today.  The 105 saplings are just over a foot tall.  What a contrast to the 20 foot trees we planted last weekend!

3rd November

Another fine morning.  The remaining 17 trees were planted by volunteers from the community working alongside young people from the Youth Offending Team. At lunchtime, everyone enjoyed refreshments – delicious soup, home-made scones and tea and coffee.

2nd November

After overnight rain, we were fortunate that it was a bright dry Autumn morning today as we started planting the mature trees.  A dozen volunteers made short work of the first sixteen trees.

31 October

The Speaker of the House of Commons planted the Woodland Trust’s first jubilee oak tree today at Westminster.  Ours will be planted by Dan Jarvis MP next weekend.

25 October

The 33 mature trees were delivered on Thursday 25th October. The lorry tried several times to get to the bottom of Cresswell Street, but was prevented by cars parked on both sides of the road.  Eventually, at the third attempt, the driver was guided past the cars, as he reversed up Cresswell Street from West Road.

The trees were much taller than we expected. They are all approximately 20 foot high.  It was fortunate that so many volunteers turned up to lift them to the store as they weighed more than expected as well.

23 October

Had a great meeting with the Community Enterprise Co-ordinator at Horizon Community College to discuss the project.  We are delighted that a group of students from the college are going to join us at the planting sessions.

12 October

We are delighted to announce that Dan Jarvis MP will mark the completion of the first phase development of the park by planting the Queen’s jubilee tree for us on Saturday 10 November at 2 pm.  All are welcome to come and watch this ceremony. Dan was involved in early discussions regarding environmental improvements on West Road and chaired a consultation meeting about it in July, 2011.  The Queen’s jubilee oak tree has been awarded to us by the Woodland Trust along with 105 other saplings.  These are being allocated to community groups to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

10 October

Great progress tonight on planning the sequence of 30 mature trees to be planted in #pogmoorpark adjacent to West Rd

9 October

@pogmoorara: “Great news. The 37 mature trees have been ordered for our new#pogmoorpark. Many thanks #Barnsley council.”  Here is the list of trees included in the order:

Tilia – Silver lime

Carpinus – Hornbeam

14 Acer platanoides – Norway maple

Acer platanoides – Norway maple (Royal Red)

3 October

@pogmoorara: “Great meeting tonight planning where we are going to place the 139 trees in November in #Pogmoor’s newest park #pogmoorpark”

1 October

@pogmoorara: “Very grateful to the local volunteers offering to help us plant 4000 bulbs & 139 trees in our new park”.

29 September

This is the current state of the wild flower meadow area.  Following spraying, it’s now turning brown and will soon be ready for seeding.

21 September

The wild flower has been ordered and the area has now been sprayed.  The orders for the bulbs and trees will be placed shortly.  The likely planting schedule is as follows:

By 2nd November: The Council will have bored out 33 holes and delivered 33 mature trees to site

2-4 November: Mature trees’ planting weekend

9 November: Start planting 4,000 bulbs that will bring colour from February through to June!

10-11 November: Woodland Trust saplings’ planting weekend.

16-18 November: Mop-up weekend for any remaining planting

If you would like to volunteer to be a park maker, giving an hour or more of your time to help plant the trees or bulbs, please contact us at pogmoorara@gmail.com.

15 September

We have withdrawn our application to Wren.  They had awarded us approximately £7,000 for the trees and wild flower maedow but stipulated that we needed to find £7,ooo for the heritage part of the project.  We will re-apply again in November with a revised bid.

11 September

We have received confirmation from the Woodland Trust that we will receive a community tree pack of 105 saplings w/c 5th November, 2012.  The pack will comprise of 30 rowan, 15 hawthorn, 15 hazel, 15 silver birch, 15 wild cherry, 15 dogwood plus a royal jubilee oak.  This indigenous selection will provide all-round colour in our new park.

We are very grateful to Woodland Trust for their support. You can join the Woodland Trust here.