Pogmoor Seniors Meet & Eat club launch

30 03 2012


The area has been served by a seniors’ luncheon club previously.  The Gawber Lunch Club met on Wednesday lunchtimes, in St Thomas’ Community Centre, for twenty-five years.  At its peak, this club had 36 members. Unfortunately, the club folded at Christmas, 2011, due to increasing costs and a dwindling membership.

The Pogmoor Seniors’ Club was set up to continue on the excellent work of the Gawber Lunch Club and to provide a new meeting place for senior citizens to have a lunch out and meet friends socially close to home.


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Coffee morning 5th March, 2012

21 03 2012

Once again, on Monday 5th March, 2012, we turned the back room at the Traveller’s Rest into the Pogmoor Residents cafe as we held our latest coffee morning. As usual, the room was packed with approximately 30 people enjoying a coffee, cake and a fun quiz based on cockney rhyming slang.

60’s music night

17 03 2012

Sixties music. Good company.  A tasty pie and pie supper.  A 60s-themed raffle. All the ingredients needed to make this a terrific community night out at our 60s music evening at the Travellers’ Rest on Friday, 23rd March, 2012.

During the week before the event requests were taken for our ‘virtual juke-box’, featuring local residents’ favourite songs from the decade.  (See below for some of the choices submitted).  Many of these were played on the night as well.

Here are some photographs from the night:

Christmas celebration 2011

6 01 2012

Oh, what a night! The Pogmoor Residents Christmas Celebration on 20th December was a fantastic success.  The Oldtown Brass Band were excellent.  You can watch part of their performance below.

Christmas fun with flowers

10 11 2011

Please click here to view the poster for this event.

West Road Project

16 09 2011

A packed house at the Travellers’ Rest on Thursday 15th September, 2011 discussed improvements that could be made in the short-term to improve the living environment around West Road.  The discussion was led by the West Road area residents but the local MP, Dan Jarvis, and the three ward councillors, Anita Cherryholme, Bill Gaunt and Penny Lofts, were also present to offer support to the West Road project.

The list of potential improvements identified at the meeting is as follows:

  1. Clear up the graffiti on the walls of the businesses
  2. Sweep up the debris on West Road
  3. Reduce the problems caused by hospital workers and others parking in this area
  4. Some of the yellow lines are not continuous – these need painting
  5. The driving centre has landscaped outside of the front of their land.  It would good if the other landowners could to do the same.
  6. The metal fence by Royston Lead needs landscaping
  7. West Road attracts young drinkers at unsocial hours.  This might be due to the proximity of the garage selling late-night alcohol. These drinkers should be encouraged to move on.
  8. Some drivers and motor cyclists speed down Pogmoor Road into West Road.  Measures should be taken to dissuade them from pursuing this activity.
  9. The south side of West Road would look more pleasant if the landowners erected some screening at the front of their industrial sites or painted their walls.
  10. There is fly tipping in the alley at the rear of Cresswell Street.  This needs removing and taking action to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.
  11. There is a rat population at the back of the allotments.  This needs investigating.
  12.  The open land adjoining West Road could be look more appealing if some trees and flowers were planted.

Each of these requirements has its own page on this site.  Please click on the link to view the discussion of this issue and to see the action that has been taken to date.  Current actions include:

  • the councillors are investigating how the council can hep with some of these issues
  • potential external funding is being searched for
  • fund raising events are being considered – more news on this shortly

The progress made on some of these items was discussed with residents at a meeting on Thursday 13th October, 2011.

Our proposal to convert the field adjoining West Road and Cresswell Street into a park, which will address some of the points raised above, was presented and discused at a public meeting in the Traveller’s Rest on Thursday 23rd February 2012.

Harvest coffee morning

6 08 2011

Harvest Coffee Morning

 This coffee morning started differently.  Firstly, Tom welcomed everyone and told a story of the origins of the harvest festival.   Then the vicar kindly gave a blessing.and finally everyone tucked in to enjoy the various home-made cakes, buns and sausage rolls donated by local residents.