Campaign for a 20 mph speed limit on part of Pogmoor Road

14 04 2012

Following the recent tragic death of a local resident on Pogmoor Road, the residents’ association has decided to mount a campaign for a 20 mile an hour speed limit on the section of this road, between Intake Lane and Summer Lane, in which four pedestrians (all aged 55+) have been killed in traffic accidents over the past ten years.

This map, taken from a police dataset, graphically highlights all of the road casualties in the UK over the ten-year period upto 2011. Search for Barnsley and you can zoom in and view the injury accidents that have occurred over that period of time. It is difficult to find an equivalent stretch of road in the borough with a larger number of pedestrian deaths.

Our position is we believe that it is time to limit speed on Pogmoor Road to 20 mph.According to the Living Streets campaigning group, a pedestrian hit by a car at 30 mph has a 55% chance of survival.  If the pedestrian is hit by a car at 20 mph, the chance of survival is 95%.

According to Twenty’s Plenty for Us, seven million people reside in towns which have made the decision to reduce the speed limit to 20 mph in residential areas. Here are their suggestions for how a council, faced with austerity measures, could fund such a scheme across its area.

Portsmouth was the first city in Britain to introduce 20 mph speed limits on residential streets where the average speed was 24 mph or less.  The only residential roads excluded were the  “major north-south and east-west routes including London Road, Northern Parade, Mile End Road, Eastern Road, and the seafront – which [kept] their current limits.”

Sheffield Council took the decision to make 20 mph the default speed limit on it’s residential streets in September, 2011. However, there has been some criticism regarding the speed at which this has been rolled out.  The initial 20 mph zones there are being placed around schools.  This approach was outlined in the council’s cabinet decision in 2009:

[The Cabinet Highways Committee]…” approves a strategy to be developed for City-wide 20mph speed limits, starting with areas surrounding schools and following with other suitable residential areas.”

 What is not entirely clear from the Cabinet minutes is their definition of ‘suitable residential areas.’
Manchester is another council that has recently decided to introduce the 20 mph limit across its area. According to the Manchester Evening News, this will cover ‘all non-major residential roads’.

We would welcome your comments on our campaign to reduce the speed limit on Pogmoor Road.  Please leave them here. Comments must comply with our guidelines for making comments on this site. Please refrain from giving opinions about the latest fatality as the coroner is still investigating this. Similarly, it would be appreciated that, if you mention the other fatalities in your comment,  there needs to be evidence to substantiate your claim.