Recipe 1: Brown Betty

19 01 2012
This recipe was supplied by Marilyn.  In the video below, she talks about the lady who gave her the recipe and why it means so much to her.
To serve 3 (can easily be doubled to serve 6)
1/2lb of sausage meat or contents of 4 thick sausages
Sprinkle of mixed herbs
1 large sliced tomato
2/3 rashers of streaky bacon (nowadays I microwave them for a minute or so)
Small cooking apple or 1 granny smiths
Topping: 4oz of grated cheddar cheese mixed with equal quantity of brown breadcrumbs or quantity of mashed potato.
Pack sausage meat into base of pie dish and sprinkle with mixed herbs
Then top with the sliced apple, streaky bacon and then the tomato,
Top with grated cheese and brown breadcrumbs or mashed potato, depending on preference.
45-50 mins 180 degrees or gas 5 until cooked, serve with salad or baked beans.

Auntie Betty was a very talented cook. Unfortunately she has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and cannot any longer remember the wonderful dishes and cakes she produced.

Book of personal recipes and stories

21 08 2011

We would like you to donate a recipe

It can be from a family member who gave it to you years ago
or from a friend a work colleague a neighbour a teacher
anyone famous you might know or anyone else.
We need a story that goes with the recipe!
It can be a funny story
An interesting story
How did you get it?
Where did it originate?
How long ago?

We will then put all the recipes and stories together to make a
book which we will put on sale to raise funds for
Pogmoor Area Residents Association

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