What does a residents’ association do?

25 06 2011

What does a residents’ association do? This question was asked at the recent meeting at the hospital club.

According to Jean Coates, Chair Selden Residents Association, Selhurst:

“A Residents’ Association is a local group, made up of local residents … who represent the interests of everyone living in a particular area… They aim to work together to represent the views of …[residents] … in their area to help make their neighbourhood a better place to live.  The Residents’ Association plays a … part in dealing with problems that people come up against, as well as organising things like social events.  Residents’ Associations are set up for everyone to join. Membership is open to all local residents.”

This suggests that the activities undertaken by the residents’ association include the following:

  1. Social – an important aspect of  making the community a better place to live is providing additional opportunities for us to get together, make our area the feel like a village, and help foster a sense of community.
  2. Campaigning– representing local views, in a non-political way, on issues that affect residents in the area. It was campaigning on a single (planning) issue that led to the formation of Pogmoorara.
  3. Projects – for instance, getting together to improve the physical environment.
  4. Fundraising – hopefully, in our case this will include acquiring grants from funding bodies as well as raising money through the events we hold.
Ardsley Residents Association is a good example of what a residents’ association can achieve.  A visit to its website shows that it is a frequent winner of local awards.  Here are some examples of the activities undertaken by the Ardsley Association: 
Garden competition
Christmas Dinner
Computer club for beginners
Pacer’s Field – the issue that led to the formation of the association
Ardsley in bloom
Pacer’s Field ( a six-year project)
Internal Projects – Website, newsletter, notice board
Sponsored trees in Pacer’s Field
Donations to projects
Sale of Xmas cards
The Ardsley website shows some of the types of activity that a residents’ association can pursue. Over the coming months, the range of activities undertaken by Pogmoorara will grow as the contribution made by a residents’ association becomes clearer to us all.