Pogmoor Area Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

11 03 2012
Warner Road neighbourhood watch sign
Our campaign to turn to whole of Pogmoor and our part of Gawber into a neighbourhood watch area has started. We’ve delivered 1000 leaftlets, organised two packed meetings about this at the Traveller’s Rest, and set up neighbourhood watch areas in the first six streets.  The first street signs announcing the scheme are starting to appear now. We are able to erect our own signs on steel lamp posts.  We have to wait for signs to be installed on the more prevalent concrete lamp posts.

Progress to date
Schemes are now operating in:
Warner Road
Warner Avenue
Porter Avenue
Pennine Way
Pogmoor Road – part
Intake Lane – Gawber part.

Financial saving to the Pogmoor area
Residents taking part in our neighbourhood watch schemes should be able to obtain a reduction in their contents’ insurance bill.  According to one insurance adviser, the dual benefits of joining a scheme are:

“….not only will you have the extra security of having more people looking out for your home, you may also qualify for a discount of up to 5% on your home insurance.”

How to include your street in the scheme
We hope that other streets will gradually join in and extend the scheme to cover much more of our area.  If you live in another street, and would be interested to learn more about how we can together bring the scheme to your road, please drop a line to the pogmoorara@gmail.com email address.