Green Belt public meeting 07/12/13 at 2.30pm

3 12 2013

The first public meeting on the future of our green belt took place on Saturday 7th December at 2.30 pm in Gawber Community Centre.Green belt public meeting There was a terrific turnout of approximately 70-100 local people. The organisers were very pleased with the level of response to this issue.

The meeting began with a general discussion of the background to the drilling on the fields near the M1.  A summary of these issues can be found here.

This was followed be an outline of key events coming up over the next twelve months.  One of these is the publication of Barnsley’s Local Plan.  This Plan will identify all of the new sites to be allocated for housing and employment use.

The important dates in the preparation of the Plan are:

June/July 2014: Consultation on the draft Local Plan

November/December 2014: Consultation on the publication version of the Local Plan

April 2015: Submission to the Planning Inspectorate

July 2015: Examination in public

November 2015: Adoption of the new Local Plan

Several of those attending the meeting voiced their concerns regarding the potential development of this part of the green belt.  Some felt that the balance in the planning cycle so far has been in favour of developers over residents.  Developers had more resources at their disposal, were more aware of the planning documents and had started checking out the commercial attractiveness of putting houses on the green belt.

Other residents were felt there might have been more local consultation over these proposed changes.

Before the meeting closed, those attending were asked to self-nominate if they would like to join the committee that will organise the campaign from this point forward. Eight people volunteered to join the steering group formed at the previous informal meeting held at the Chestnut Tree.

Thirty-four others asked for their email addresses to be added to the group’s distribution list so they could be kept informed of future meetings and action.

Contacting the green belt group

The group now has its own email address as it covers a wider are than Pogmoor Residents Association.   (