Our proposed West Road project

25 02 2012


At a meeting with residents on 15 September, 2011, a list of suggested improvements to the local environment around West Road were identified.  This topic was then discussed regularly at Pogmoor Residents’ Association committee meetings. As a result, a plan was drawn up to address many of the suggested improvements by converting the field behind Cresswell Street, the site of the former quarry where the RAF bomber crashed in World War Two, into a park, with trees screening many of the unsightly features round the perimeter of the field.  This plan was produced in partnership with the landowner, Barnsley Council.

Our proposal

The proposal was presented to local residents at a public meeting on Thursday 23rd February, 2012.  The main features are:

1. A 2 metre-long hedge at the entrance to the field on West Road, moving the ‘pathway’ into the field from being adjacent to the back gardens of the houses in Cresswell Street to a point further from the housing.  This is marked in blue on the map above.

2. The remainder of the boundary of the field on West Road features a mound to prevent vehicular access.  The mound will be transformed into a wild flower meadow. Examples of wild flower meadows planted in other urban areas can be found here. The meadow will provide spectacular colours throughout the summer.  In addition, 4000 bulbs will planted in this area.  This will be a mixture of snowdrops, bluebells, crocuses and daffodils, ensuring that area will be in colour from February until the Autumn.  The wild flower meadow is marked in blue on the map.

3. A line of 13 mature, indigenous trees will be planted just behid the wildflower meadow to obscure some of the ‘unsightly’ industrial units on the south side of West Road.

4. A community orchard,  initially containing 12 fruit trees, will be planted in front of the allotments’ fence.

5. A line of 15 mature trees will be planted parallel to the Royston Lead fence.  These trees will be a few metres away from the fence and should improve the appearance of the boundary of the park.  (Note that the trees are not shown to scale on the map!)

6. Finally, close to the point at which the warplane crashed into the former quarry, a hard-standing area in the shape of a Whitley bomber will be formed in recycled material. It is possible that this could become the de-facto place in Pogmoor to remember those who lost their lives in times of war.  We had proposed to place twp memorial benches at this site but have been persuaded by Cresswell Street residents to remove these from the plan.

We have been advised to include a contingency amount to cover any trees vandalised in the first year.  This amount is sufficient to purchase 12 extra trees.  If there are fewer acts of vandalism than this, these trees will be planted towards the end of the first year.

Funding the project

Thetotal  cost of this scheme is  approximately £16,000.  A bid is being prepared for submission to to Wren for approximately £13,000.  We are shortly going to submit a bid to Old Town Community First panel for a £2,500 contribution to the total.  Finally, we have submitted an application to the Woodland Trust for  a free community tree pack in celebration of the Queen’s jubilee. This pack contains 20 of each silver birch, rowan, wild cherry plus a royal oak sapling.

Planting the flowers and trees

Most of the activity on the park will take place in the Autumn, as we are advised that this is the best time to plant the trees.  We are in discussion with the Council’s Youth Offending Team to seek help from them to prepare the land and plant trees.  It is also likely that local schools will be invited to help plant the bulbs in the wild flower meadow. However, there will still be a need to further volunteers from with the community as we attempt to plant 40 trees over a weekend.  Anyone wishing to volunteer to be involved, please email us at pogmoorara@gmail.com

Letters of supoport received

Barnsley District General Hospital




Please leave your comments on the scheme on this page.  We would be grateful for any words of support as this page will be sent as evidence in our bid for funding.