Christmas fun with flowers

10 11 2011

Please click here to view the poster for this event.


A fun evening with flowers

25 07 2011

The fun evening with flowers took place on Tuesday 9th August in the Travellers’ Rest on Intake Lane.

Fifteen people attended the event.  It was a great evening and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Flowers were the theme of the complete evening.  In addition to making the amazing flower arrangements shown here, the raffle prizes were garden items and there was even a flower quiz!  Many thanks to the team at the Travellers’ Rest for making us so welcome.

We asked those who attended for feedback about the evening.  All felt that the venue was good or excellent, one felt that a bigger room might be needed. They all felt that they had learnt something about flower arranging. There was consensus that this had been a very friendly and enjoyable event.  When asked whether anything could have been done differently, the only comment was start at a slightly later time in the evening. Everyone was of the view that this event should be repeated, many suggesting that Christmas would be a good time.