Concern over the condition of a building on West Road

30 10 2013

park billboardThe residents’ association has taken a keen interest in the area around West Road over the past couple of years.  A year ago this week,  we began transforming what the Barnsley Chronicle used to call a ‘wasteland’ into a park for Pogmoor. On the West Road boundary, we planted 20 foot trees, thousands of bulbs and seeds to form a wild flower meadow on the mound preventing vehicular access to the field.

Opposite the park, on the other side of West Road, there are a number of small business premises.  Most of these are in good repair and contribute to the improving appearance of the area.  A couple of the sites seem to be more neglected.  On one of them, there is a derelict building with an asbestos roof.  Asbestos is fine when the roof is in good repair and only becomes a hazard when its condition deteriorates and starts to flake. This building appears to have been partially demolished and the state of the roof is now a cause for concern. There is some evidence of people getting into the site and throwing objects on the roof.

Asbestos roof on West Road

Asbestos roof on West Road