AGM, 14th June, 2012

15 06 2012

The AGM took place on Thursday, 14th June, 2012 in the Travellers’ Rest.  There was a good turnout with approximately 30 local residents present.

Here is an extract from the Chair’s report.  In this part of her speech, she offers thanks to those who helped the Association during its initial months.

The guest speaker at the AGM will be Roger Parkinson from the Woodland Trust.  Roger is the winner of the National Trust 2012 Octavia Hill Award ‘Natural Hero’ category. We have applied to the Trust for a community pack of 105 saplings to be planted as part of our West Road Park project.  Roger will tell us about the work of the Woodland Trust and give us advice about the planning and planting of Pogmoor’s new park.

Roger is the winner of the National Trust 2012 Octavia Hill Award ‘Natural Hero’ category.  According to the National Trust website: Roger is “something of a local hero. As well as an inspirational tree conservation leader, he volunteers as a speaker and field teacher – and he’s a natural.”

Endlessly cheerful and deeply knowledgeable, Roger has helped over 60 individuals and community groups with their woodland creation projects – establishing native trees in local wasteland and urban parks, planting hedgerows and growing trees from seed.


First AGM Agenda

7 06 2011


Pogmoor Area Residents’ Association

Inaugural Annual General Meeting

Thursday 9th June, 2011 at 7.30 pm

Barnsley Hospital Club


1.      Welcome and introduction

2.      Apologies

3.      Why Pogmoor area need a tenants’ and residents’ association

4.      Election of the Committee

               – 12 committee members

5.      Any other business