Violation of Remembrance Storyboard

3 04 2015

Residents may have noticed a number of fly posters which have been displayed in the area regarding a recent court case involving a Barnsley Labour Councillor.

Most of these were taken down immediately and were of little interest to the general public. However, when one was posted on the Remembrance Storyboard at Hollingworth Park on Lower Cresswell Street Pogmoor it was considered that this act of violation/disrespect had gone too far.

Local residents and the Police have been informed.

Gasps of despair were also clearly heard when the incident was announced at a recent  meeting of The Royal British Legion.


Our Sensory Garden Project Report

2 04 2015

Since the siting of the storyboard, the association has been busy trying to raise funds to create a paved route from Lower Cresswell Street up to the storyboard which will lead to a circular area containing 5 raised flower beds and seating.

Each bed will represent one of the 5 senses.

Each bed will also be given the name of  a member of the Whitley Bomber crew which crashed on the site in 1942.

To start the project we require a total of £12942. At present we have £9676, a shortfall of £3266 which equates to 25p per resident of Pogmoor.

If anyone would like to make a small donation directly to our project our bank details are as follows:  Pogmoor Area Residents Association,  HSBC sort code 40-09-12, acc no. 02441888.

Donation boxes will be sited in various shops in Pogmoor. All donations will be very welcome.

The Sensory Garden will be a place  for everyone to visit, remember and admire.


19 03 2015

Pogmoor Area Residents’ Association

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Residents’ meeting 13th March 2014

17 03 2014

The quarterly open meeting was well-attended with approximately 20 people present.

Here are some of the items discussed:

1. MacMillan coffee morning

For the third year in a row, we have registered to hold a coffee morning in support of MacMillan in the autumn.  The difficulty this year is having no base to hold the event.  It is likely that it will take place in someone’s house/garden instead.

2. Community centre

Having lost the Traveller’s Rest as our base, and having found it impossible to re-locate to anywhere else nearby, the feasibility of building a community centre is being investigated.  A potential site has been been identified and now a feasibility study is required.  Discussions with consultants, who offer services to community associations, suggest that the cost will be approximately £5,000. There are organisations that will fund such activity and these are currently being investigated. At the same time, whilst the Traveller’s Rest remains unsold, the potential to register it as a community asset is being looked at.

3. Willowbank Partnership

The Old Town carnival will take place on 22nd June on St Paul’s field.  The Partnership’s ‘umbrella’ public liability insurance is now set up and is available to all community groups in the Old Town ward.  This is welcome news as groups will no longer need to acquire their own public liability insurance for events.  For example, when the association planted the first batch of trees in Pogmoor’s park in 2012, we paid for a year’s insurance to cover volunteer activity. If we are successful in this year’s bid, hopefully we will be able to use the Partnership’s public liability insurance instead.

4. Keep It Green 2014

Following the public meeting at the Gawber community centre last December, a committee was formed with the dual aims of finding out more about the potential redevelopment of local green belt documented in the Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment and persuading the Council to leave the green belt as it is.  The group is now called Keep It Green 2014. There was a discussion of the relationship between Pogmoor Residents and this new group.  It was agreed that Pogmoor Residents, as an association, would remain neutral with regard to the developing strategic plans but would continue to make information available for interested residents to form their own opinions about the future of the green belt. For those interested, Keep IT Green 2014 are holding their second public meeting on Friday 21st March at 7pm in the Gawber Community Centre.

5. Bulb planting – Warner Avenue

It is intended to plant bulbs on the green at the junction of  of Warner Avenue and Pogmoor Road, opposite the post office. The licence has been obtained for planting on highway land. The next step will be to plant bulbs when the grass is clear.

6. Pogmoor’s park

i. Wild flower meadow.

The weeds have been cut back, aided by staff from Baratts on West Road.

ii. Proposed people’s orchard

As part of the next phase of development of the park, it is proposed to plant a people’s orchard consisting of approximately 30 fruit trees.  A query was raised regarding the suitability of planting fruit trees on land that was previously used as a council tip.  Could contaminants buried in the soil find there way into the fruit from the trees?  It was suggested that a soil test should be carried out.  It was agreed to contact the Council and seek their opinion on this matter.

7. Love where you live

There was a discussion about a street where a growing number of houses were becoming rental properties. It was felt that pride in the appearance of the street had diminished in recent years.  Perhaps a fun day could be organised to encourage residents to get together to clean up the area.  This idea is to be progressed by a working group.

PMN: Barnsley Council is running a @love where you live campaign’  According to their website “if funding is needed your ward alliance has a small pot of money to make things happen at a local level. All you need to do is show how your idea can meet local priorities.”

8. Residential parking permits

A resident mentioned the 100% increase in the cost of parking permits, rising from £10 to £20, in areas within the residents’ parking scheme.  The residents also queried the use of these restricted parking areas by staff from Barnsley hospital with PCT permits.  Staff qualify for these permits if their job requires them to make community visits.  The resident pointed out that some hospital staff with permits were parked for many hours without visiting patients.

9. Welcome to new community groups

The residents welcomed the setting up of two neighbouring community associations.  These are the Penny Pie Park Community Association and the Gawber and Redbrook Community Association.  The Gawber and Redbrook group is holding its first meeting on Tuesday 25th March at 7.30pm in the Gawber Community Centre.  All are welcome to attend.

General Meeting 12th September, 2013

17 09 2013
1. Hospital planning application for new on-site parking

Hospital parking is an issue that frequently gets discussed at meetings attended by Pogmoor Residents.  The problems experienced by residents in streets just outside of the residents’ parking zones in the vicinity of the hospital were taken up by Counc Penny Lofts when she issued a call for action at the Council on this topic. This issue was debated, and witnesses were called, at the Physical Sustainability Scrutiny Commission on 24th January, 2013. Follow-up action was agreed, but the Commission was abolished on 17th March 2013 before the investigation was completed.  When this was mentioned at the general meeting, it was asked who would now complete the review started by the scrutiny commission.  One suggestion was that it might now fall within the remit of the new area council.

The discussion then moved onto the new planning application from the hospital to demolish some of the residential blocks and increase staff parking on-site. According to the article in Barnsley Chronicle (Hospital urged not to charge staff to park, Friday 13th September), “a row of redundant two and three storey staff accommodation blocks on the northern perimeter could be demolished to extend the car park. Work is expected to start on September 30.”  The planning application states that an extra 60 vehicles will be accommodated in this extended car park.  A temporary entrance will be knocked through the wall on Pogmoor Road just up from the pelican crossing.  After demolition of the accommodation blocks, the wall will be re-instated.

What are your views about this new hospital car park?

2. Feasibility of building a community centre for Pogmoor

The loss of the Pogmoor Club and the Hospital Social Club has left Pogmoor without a community hall.  It has been a long-standing goal of the Residents’ Association to rectify this situation.  It was announced at the general meeting, that the Association is now actively investigating the feasibility of building a community centre.  Discussions are underway with the Council regarding suitable publicly-owned sites that might be used.  Unfortunately, there are no existing buildings that could be converted for community use.  Consequently, appropriate types of prefabricated buildings that could be brought to the site are being researched.  It is early days in the life of this project, but a start has been made and the committee is eager to fully investigate the feasibility of building a community centre for Pogmoor.

3. Should Pogmoor’s football teams have priority in playing on the local football pitches?

There was much discussion about the Council-owned football pitches in Pogmoor.  These are situated behind the hairdresser’s shop opposite the garage on Pogmoor Road. It appears that one of the pitches has been reserved by a team from another area for use if they ever need another pitch for some reason.  It appears that this team rarely uses the pitch and, as a result, it stands idle whilst some AFC Pogmoor teams have to play on pitches elsewhere. This has been a long-standing situation.  One of the residents present said this was the case when his son played junior football many years ago and his team had to play in Darton instead of near home. Those present felt that it would be fairer to allocate pitches to teams in the locality first.  At the very least, pitches should not be allocated to teams who only want them as an insurance, if other teams will regularly use them. Penny Lofts undertook to speak to the relevant officer in the Council to see whether the pitch allocation process could be revised.

4. Forthcoming event

Our second Macmillan’s coffee morning will be held on Monday 30th September at 10.30 am in the Travellers’ Rest.  Admission is £2 and all profits will be donated to Macmillan’s.

General Meeting 14th March, 2013

15 03 2013

Our first general meeting took place on Thursday 14th March. There was a terrific turnout – 29 people turned up. This was our best-attended general meeting to date. Many thanks to everyone who came to the meeting.

A range of topics were discussed, including hospital parking, pedestrian safety on Pogmoor Road, developments at AFC Pogmoor and forthcoming events.

Hospital parking

There was an extensive discussion of the problems caused by hospital staff parking in the streets in the vicinity of the hospital.  Inspector Julie Mitchell responded that this would be included in the next quarterly day of action by South Yorkshire Police. She admitted that there were probably lots of roads that a fire engine couldn’t drive down due to on-street parking.

Pedestrian safety on Pogmoor Road

The question was raised whether one stretch of Pogmoor Road was amongst the most dangerous roads for pedestrians.  Several of those present felt that the council or police must have a list of the worst accident blackspots in the borough. There were calls for the Highways department of the Council to release its accident data.  As one of those present commented; “It is time for Highways to enter the debate”.

There is some open data available on road traffic accidents.  ITO has produced a map of road casualties 2000-2010 for the complete country. This is based upon the Stats 19 data produced by the Police. By homing in on Barnsley, it is possible to make comparisons between Pogmoor Road and other major roads in the town.

AFC Pogmoor

James Liversey provided an update on developments in POgmoor’s junior football club. This club had started out in 2011 with a boys’ Under 13 team.  Since then, it has grown and two additional teams have formed – girls’ Under 15 and a disabled children’s team. The teams are playing on pitches in different parts of the Oldtown ward this year.  The club spent several months this year trying to find a home for all its teams to play in one place.  Several local pitches have been investigated.  However, most of the capacity in the ward is devoted to adult teams.  The club has now found a new home in Kingstone at Greenacre School.

Events and Projects

The following forthcoming events and projects were outlined;

Race Night 2013

Pogmoor Park – marking out the dog poop

Pogmoor Proms in the Park 2013

Pogmoor Village

Mature tree planting day 2

3 11 2012