Our Next Coffee Morning is 1st May 2015

2 04 2015

Our next Coffee Morning is on Friday 1st May 2015.

To be held at the Tom Treddlehoyle, Pogmoor Road at 10am to 12 o clock.

We look forward to seeing you there. Can you please pass on this information to your friends, family and neighbours.

All proceeds are in aid of the Hollingworth Park Sensory Garden Project on Lower Cresswell Street Pogmoor.

Please support us if you can.



Pogmoor Residents’ Easter Coffee Morning – 11th April, 2014

22 03 2014

Pogmoor Residents’ coffee morning is back in action!.  After a considerable period on inactivity on the events’ front, due to the closure of our previous venue, we are delighted to announce that we are holding an Easter Coffee Morning on Friday 11th April, 2014, 10 am-11.30 am in the Tom Treddlehoyle. All are welcome to attend.  Admittance is £2 to cover refreshments.

Pogmoor Residents’ coffee morning is back!

19 03 2014

Pogmoor Residents’ coffee morning is back in action!.  After a considerable period on inactivity on the events’ front, due to the closure of our previous venue, we are delighted to announce that we are holding an Easter Coffee Morning on Friday 11th April, 2014, 10 am-11.30 am in the Tom Treddlehoyle. All are welcome to attend.  Admittance is £2 to cover refreshments.


In aid of Ben Gillott

23 03 2013

This is a message from Ben’s dad, Dean:

Quiz and raffle“You are more than welcome to attend the event for Ben [13th April], and to advertise on your web site would be great.
There will be a quiz & a raffle with some amazing prizes which have been kindly donated.
There are a few events in the pipeline what friends & family have arranged on Ben’s behalf.
20/04/13 at Oakwell arranged by Capita. Tickets are £10 each & include Pie & pea supper. it is also a race night, Auction & raffle with some great prizes. Race Night
A friend of mine has also set up an Helicopter ride for 2 people over the Derwent Dams (Dambuster style) followed by a flight over Chatsworth, raffle tickets are £5 each for those & the winner will be drawn on 20th at Oakwell.
There is also an event at the Polish Club on 12/05/13 ( Group & raffle )
We have set 2 pages up on Facebook for people that are interested in Ben’s situation where we post events & Ben’s treatments on: “Ben’s Fight” & “Ben’s Journey”
We are hoping to be able to get him to America at the end of June after his 6 mth chemo as finished. Quotes for insurance on the trip are coming in at around £3,000.”

Coffee morning 18th March

24 02 2013

Our next Coffee Morning will be on Monday 18th March, 2013, starting at 10.30 in the Travellers’ Rest.  Admission is £2. There will be the usual good company, coffee and tasty cakes.  In addition, we will show you how to reduce your fuel bills.

Household energy bills have risen by almost 160% since 2004.  Ann Robinson from Uswitch claims that the “rocketing bills show little sign of slowing down”. If you are concerned about the rising prices of gas and electricity, there will be the opportunity to hear about the Council’s Yorswitch energy switching scheme over coffee. We will be on hand to show you how to register with the scheme and discuss what happens next.

According to the Yorswitch website:

“You could save hundreds of pounds on your gas and electricity bills by joining together with the residents of Barnsley in the town’s first Government-funded collective energy switching scheme.

When many people group together, they can get energy companies to bid for the lowest price to win their custom. Barnsley Council and Berneslai Homes are working with other Yorkshire areas to pool together as many residents as possible who want to find lower energy prices.”

The Barnsley Chronicle (22 February, 2013) reported that residents taking part in a similar energy switching scheme last June saved an average of £230 per year.

If you have never switched energy suppliers before, we will also point out any cheaper suppliers as shown on the uswitch website.

Please bring recent gas and electricity bills with you to the coffee morning if you wish to see if you can reduce your gas and electricity bills.

Memorial service commemorating the 71st anniversary of the RAF bomber crash

7 01 2013

Dan Jarvis MP paying tribute at the memorial serviceLast year, on 6th January, 2012, approximately 100 people gathered in Cresswell Street to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bravery of a young RAF crew who sought to steer their ailing Whitley bomber to avoid the houses in Pogmoor.  The plane crashed in the quarry behind Cresswell Street and the pilot, Sgt Alex Hollingworth, stayed with the aircraft and was killed on impact.  One of his colleagues, Sgt Alex Buchanan, bailed out on the south side of West Road and died as his parachute became entangled with the distructor tower on the Corporation tip.

Following the ceremony, the Residents’ Association decided to commemorate this event every year from now on.  Consequently, we will meet again on Cresswell Street on Sunday 6th January at 12.30 to remember their bravery again.  This is the Order of service. Please join us if you can. You will be most welcome.

alex hollingworth RAAFThis week we received a tribute to Alex (Lex) Hollingworth from his sister-in-law.  Her husband, Jack, is his last surviving brother. This is the text of her email:

“I never met this young man. He was my brother in-law, but I only
know him from photographs.

I felt the pain of his family – his two remaining brothers and

I never met my father in-law who died of a stroke soon after his
sons’ deaths. His grief was too much to bear.

Lex’s mother went to a séance with other grieving mothers in
a vain, ridiculous hope with contact with her sons. After that,
nothing but acceptance.

I am writing this beside a heated pool where Lex’s last remaining
immediate family member, Jack, who is 91, is exercising. He
was disabled in an accident with a gun issued by the Bank over
60 years ago. He is a very stoic man who looked after his mother
with great care.

One of the awful ripples in the pond that occurred from her losing
two boys in the war, was the dreadful debt that family paid.

As her daughter in-law I had to bite my tongue because the scar
from her past had moderated all our relationships with her.

If I did not know this boy Lex, why have I wept years of tears
for him? I read his glowing school report cards and his excellent
results from Sunday school exams. I see the photographs of a
family together, of his treasured girlfriend and of his school, work
and leisure days. I glean from them the lost promise of a life
largely unlived and in 70 years, the hurt never leaves us.

I wish Jack could be there for the service, he would really
appreciate it. When we visited Britain in 1965 there was no
knowledge of the facts surrounding Lex’s death. We send our
best wishes and our profound gratitude for your care.”

Live well for Less at Sainsbury’s

7 06 2012
Live Well for Less at Sainsbury’s?

Fencing has been erected around the Friendship on Intake Lane, Gawber.  It appears that the ‘renovation’ work is being undertaken by the All In One Group, a ‘multi-disciplined, building and property maintenance company’, based in Barugh Green.

A planning application was made a while back to convert the pub into a supermarket.  Rumours have been in circulation that this might be Tescos or Sainsbury’s.

It was confirmed on 7th June, that it is a Sainsbury’s store.

All in One Group (UK) informed us: “With regards to the enquiry in relation to the above project. I confirm that All in one Group (UK) Limited are the principal contractor and have been awarded the contract for the preparation and refurbishment  of 2 new retail units and 3 Luxury apartments. As a recognised local building and property maintenance company the above project supports our aims to increase jobs and career development within our organisation. We would like to ensure the community that works will have very little alteration to the external building.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson confirmed “Sainsbury’s would like to open a small convenience shop at the former Friendship Inn on Redbrook Road. A planning application has been submitted to determine various details of the new shop . The Sainsbury’s Local will provide more shopping choice in a convenient place for local people to top-up their weekly shop. As well as playing an active role in the community by supporting local charities and schools through our charity of the year and Active Kids schemes, the new shop will create around 20 new jobs.”

Adam Civico, Barnsley Chronicle Assistant Editor tweeted: “More supermarket rumours – i’ll be investigating today for @ChronOnline. All the detail is in tomorrow’s [Chronicle], including reaction from neighbours and businesses.”

Sainsbury’s local expansion

Sainsbury’s have opened 73 new local convenience stores in the last year. According to the Huffington Post: “Food retailing is going local. Tesco and Sainsbury’s have aggressively expanded into the convenience sector with their Express and Local brands, respectively.”

“We’re seeing people move away from doing a weekly shop in an out-of-town centre to doing an online shop and then topping that up in a local store,” Cliona Lynch senior retail analyst Verdict Research, told the Huffington Post UK. “That way they can control their spending better and reduce waste as well.”

This is the second application to convert a pub in our area in the last couple of months.  In May, 450 local residents and businesses signed a petition against the planned takeover of the Wilthorpe pub by Tesco (Barnsley Chronicle, 18 May, 2012).

It has been estimated that twelve pubs close every week in the UK and there is a ‘growing trend’ to convert them to supermarket convenience stores.  It is a fairly easy task as the supermarket does not need to apply for planning approval to change an empty pub into one of its stores.

Sainsbury’s planning applications

Three applications have been submitted by Sainsbury’s:

2012/0640 – Display of 3 facia signs nad an ATM sign

2012/0641 – Single storey extension

2012/0642 – Installation of external refrigeration and acoustic fencing

Highway safety issues

The supporting documentation states that  “no issues of harm to amenity or highway safety are raised by this application.”  It could be argued that this development will create two distinct highway concerns.

1. It will add a new ‘junction’ to a stretch of Redbook Road which already has three junctions and a bus stop within a few yards either side of the development

If the two car park entrances are retained, this development will create a fourth entrance onto Redbrook Road within a few yards.  There is already a crowded junction on Redbook Road outside of the development plus there is a bus stop which will potentially impede traffic leaving the site at busy times.

2. Traffic use of Intake Lane

The easiest means of access to the site for cars is on Intake Lane.  It is not clear how much the traffic flow on Intake Lane will increase as a result of this development.  Furthermore, when the car park is crowded at busy times, if other nearby convenience stores are any indication, it is likely that drivers will park in any available space.  If this includes the area either side of the junction with Redbrook Road, there will be potential blockages of sight for vehicles entering or leaving the road.

What are your views about the takeover of the Friendship by Sainsbury’s? What was the Friendship like when it was a thriving pub?