Taylor Wimpey donate £500.00 towards our Memorial Sensory Garden Project.

2 04 2015

Our Memorial Sensory Garden will be sited in Hollingworth Park lower Cresswell Street Pogmoor.  Tom and Marlene accepted the cheque at the opening of Taylor Wimpey’s new development at Kingston Grange.  We were so pleased to receive this from a company who are committed to working within local communities.



Sensory Garden project awarded £9K

19 03 2015

We have been awarded £9k from the Ward Alliance towards our sensory garden to be built in Hollingworth Park.  We will be starting to fundraise very soon to hopefully raise this amount to about £20k.  Horizon school are working with us to achieve our goals and Taylor Wimpy presented us with a cheque for £500, they are really interested in what we are doing.

Wild flower meadow gets a spring clean

19 03 2014

You may have noticed that the site of the wild flower meadow had become overgrown with weeds over the winter. This week, Tom cut down the weeds after agreeing the best way to do it with Barnsley Council.


The wild flower meadow should look like the picture below in the summer time.


£10k bid for phase two development of Pogmoor’s park

26 11 2013

On 15th September, 2011, local residents identified a series of environmental improvements that were needed in the area around Cresswell Street. In response to this, the residents’ association sought funding for a multi-year project to make these much-needed  improvements by transforming the field behind Cresswell Street into a park.

Our wild flower meadow in full bloom

Our wild flower meadow in full bloom

Last October, with funding from Old Town Community First panel, we were able to complete phase 1 of the project.  Thirty three mature trees were planted, mostly along the West Road boundary of the field. Adjacent to these, seeds were sown for a small wild flower meadow. The final tree in phase 1 was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee oak tree, which was planted by our MP, Dan Jarvis in a short ceremony to celebrate the completion of this stage of the project.

Dan Jarvis MP plants the Jubilee Tree

Dan Jarvis MP plants the Jubilee Tree

We have now submitted a bid for £10,000 to Wren (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited) to fund the second phase of the project.  This will provide  an avenue of 60 mature trees along the boundary with Royston Lead.  Four thousand bulbs will planted among the trees. In addition, a small people’s orchard will be planted between the avenue of trees and the allotments. We will hear whether we have been successful in March, 2014.

Planning is already underway for the third and final phase of the project. This will be a memorial garden adjacent to Cresswell Street.  We hope this garden will be a fitting reminder of the sacrifice made by the crew of the RAF bomber that crashed on this site on 6th January, 1942.  A service of remembrance is held each year on 6th January to commemorate the crew’s heroic deeds.

Is the Travellers’ Rest about to close?

3 10 2013

According to a recent survey by the Campaign for Real Ale, twenty-six pubs close each week in the UK.  It appears that the Travellers’ Rest might be joining them soon.  We have spoken to the person at Thwaites brewery dealing with this closure.  They have advertised the sale of the pub as a going concern, priced at £200,000 plus VAT.  According to the spokesman, the pub should stay open in the short term as they don’t expect to sell it immediately. However, the spokeswomen cautioned that the current tenant might choose to close sooner than that.

The immediate impact on Pogmoorara

All of our events are held at the Travellers’ Rest.  These include the weekly Meet and Eat lunch club on Wednesdays, our periodic coffee mornings, monthly committee meetings, quarterly open general meetings and our Xmas party. In addition, Pogmoor Ladies, which has been running for 25 years, meets there on Mondays.  Update – All of our events at the Travellers have now ceased.  The Ladies’ club will continue and has moved tot the Tennants’ and Residents’ centre which directly behind the St George pub on Summer Lane.

If this pub closes, we will potentially lose all of these social events.  The committee is now making plans to deal with the immediate crisis of trying to find somewhere to hold the Pogmoor Ladies and Meet and Eat club meetings. Unfortunately, since the closure of Pogmoor club and the Hospital social club, there are few options left nearby. The two obvious choices are the Polish Club and the Gawber Road Working Mens’ Club.  Unfortunately, neither of these has the spare capacity to accommodate the Ladies’ club at the present time.

Planning for the longer term

Getting the pub declared as a community asset

One way forward might be to apply to the Council to nominate the pub as a community asset.  This would prevent its immediate sale to a private bidder.  It would also give the community six months to obtain the funds to purchase the pub from the brewery. If the pub is added to the community asset register (and this is not always easy as the Don Valley Stadium bid shows), the next stage would be to conduct what the government calls a ‘pre-feasibility’ study.  This sets out to examine the following questions:

Is our governance structure suitable for the additional tasks involved with owning and running a building? There are four types of eligible community bodies: unincorporated groups of 21 one or more local voters, a community interest group, a designated neighbourhood forum and a parish council.

What condition is the pub in when we take it over?

Do we feel that there will be sufficient income to cover the costs associated with the building?

Are then any legal issues to be sorted out at this point?

Is there sufficient community support for the proposal?

Barnsley Council uses these criteria to make decisions on nominations for community asset status:

• A sustainable business plan, including future investment in and
maintenance of the asset (including a how health and safety
responsibilities will be met).
• The planned outcomes and benefits to result from the asset transfer.
• Evidence of a formally organised community-based group.
• A community governance structure (how local people will be involved in
decision-making in relation to the building and its use).
• Evidence of the capability and skills within the community based group
to sustain the asset transfer (and/or any capacity/skills building

Lease land to build a community centre

In addition to trying to get the Travellers’ listed as a community asset, the committee is also talking to the council about the feasibility of leasing a piece of council-owned land in Pogmoor on which to build a community centre.  The council have confirmed that the playing field being discussed is held in trust and any use made of the land must be consistent with the covenant.  We are now completing the application form for consideration by the council.  Just like the community asset path, a business plan is the first step.

Business plan

The council suggests that these initial questions should be considered in the business plan:

  • What is the purpose of your organisation?
  • Do you know what other activities are going on in your area?
  • Will your organisation be more effective if it has a building?
  • Can you afford to run a building?
  • Have you established how much space you need and potential use?
  • What are the other options?

The committee, along with other interested parties, will be exploring these issues in the next few weeks.

Other activities in the Pogmoor and Gawber area

As you can see from the business plan above, we need to build up a picture of the local provision, by other parties, of the sorts of community activities that might be undertaken in the new community centre.  The council suggests that:

“It is important to make sure that there is both need and demand for the activities you are planning and whether this is currently being addressed by another organisation. If another organisation is delivering similar activities in the area, it doesn’t mean that there is not still demand or unmet need, but it is important to establish this. By finding out about other organisations in your area, you may also find useful links and sources of support.”

This is our opportunity to compile a list of all the community activities delivered by churches, sports’ clubs, schools and other community groups.  It may be possible to get some of this information from Voluntary Action Barnsley and the Darton West and Old Town ward alliances.  But the quickest way to put the list together will be if local residents can let us know the community activities they are aware of in Pogmoor and Gawber.  We have already received some information about a toddler group being run by Wilthorpe Children’s Centre in Pogmoor, thanks to one local resident. Please help by sending an email to pogmoorara.gmail.com or by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.


In The Press [14 September 2012]

9 10 2012

Barnsley Chronicle (14 September 2012): Funding for park at plane crash site.


In The Press [19 October 2012]

9 10 2012

Barnsley Chronicle (19 October 2012): Trees will mark plane crash site at Pogmoor.