About Pogmoorara


This is the website of the Pogmoor Area Residents’  Association in Barnsley, UK.  You can contact us at pogmoorara@gmail.com.

Brief history

The Association was formed on Tuesday, 14th June 2011 after a group of residents had mounted a successful campaign to stop a proposed planning application relating to land on West Road, Pogmoor.  The group felt there was potential to work together to achieve more than objections at planning meetings and consequently the Association was formed.

It has been running occasional coffee mornings since 18th July, 2011.  These are usually well-attended with approximately 20-50 people present. Annually, in September, the Association holds an event to contribute to Macmillan’s world’s largest coffee morning, raising hundreds of pounds for charity each time.

Every Wednesday, it runs a lunch club for senior citizens. This was started in April, 2012, after the lunch club in nearby  Gawber closed due to increasing costs and a dwindling membership.  Approximately 25 people attend the lunch club each week.

Finally, there a couple of significant annual events. The Christmas party started in 2011 and usually attracts approximately 60 residents.  The commemoration of the bravery of the crew of a wartime bomber is undertaken in January each year.  This aircraft crashed into the quarry behind Cresswell Street (which is now the field being transformed into a park by the Association) with the loss of two lives.  These two young men stayed aboard their plane after it experienced grave mechanical failure and managed to avoid the houses in Pogmoor as it gradually lost height and then crashed.  The commemoration ceremony is attended by approximately 100 people.

The Association undertakes environmental projects locally.  The largest of these is the transformation of the field behind Cresswell Street into a park.  Phase 1 of this was completed in 2012, when 34 mature trees were planted along the West Road boundary along with a wild flower meadow covering the ‘unsightly’ mound that prevented vehicular access to the site. A bid is being submitted in November, 2013 to fund phase 2, which will provide an avenue of 60 mature trees along the Royston Lead boundary plus a community orchard between the avenue and the allotments.

Further information

Members of the Committee

Annabell Watson, Tom Parnham, Marlene Crossland, Margaret Richardson, Dulcie Hagar, Pauline Frayne, Brenda Shehan, Sheila Lowe, Dave Griffin, Bill Gaunt.


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